Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan is a SCAM

This will be my first of many posts on this blog on timeshare scams. Our family was on a cruise 3 years ago. Our biggest mistake was going to a property (Pueblo Bonito at Emerald Bay) on the promise of free food and a tour of the property. What ended up after 3 years,was being talked into (our fault) upgrading what we shouldn't have bought in the first place. Again, I will go into detail our story,how it cost us over $30,000 and how we finally put this nightmare to rest. That being said my most important point of this blog, and continued stories is let everyone know that not just Pueblo Bonito but all timeshares are a scam. They will lure you in with free food and even in some cases as we saw in Mexico,the promise of money for your time. They will sell it to you as a investment. That is a lie. Before you buy,you can look on numerous web sites Elite Retreat being one (and yes they are a scam too). Those web sites will post a "listing" for your timeshare when you realize you were scammed for hundreds of dollars for something that no one wants a part of. The biggest scam in the timeshare game is MAINTENANCE FEE'S. Sure your told in the beginning that they are minimal,that you will have a place to go to for the rest of your life,and you will be able to pass it on to your family. What they don't tell you is after your dead and gone,your going to pass this debt (wanted or unwanted on to your kids or other family members. Check this number our. Our timeshare was over $30,000. The every 2 year maintenance fee was $3,806.94. If you throw in a RCI fee and other "add-on's". Ballpark it was going to be close to $4,143.94 (again based on assumptions). After just 10 years we were looking at paying around $40,000 for our $30,000 investment! As the years go on,you pay more and more and for what,a vacation you can take every 2 years on the same weeks at the same place..sounds like fun and a great investment. You can even go to these rip off artists web sites and book a vacation,when you want and a hell of a lot cheaper! NEVER SIGN ANYTHING THAT HAS THE WORD PERPETUITY IN IT! Wikipedia explains: A perpetuity is an annuity that has no end, or a stream of cash payments that continues forever. Or in other words once these crooks have you,they have you for the rest of your and your family life. I got out (it cost me) and I will be more than happy to explain to people how.


  1. Pardon my language but Fucking God Damned Right with PB Emerald Bay. Your words are my words. How do you get out of it? Robert at

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